Flo-Tank® Modules

enviro-cottageTotal Stormwater Management

Atlantis modular tank systems use surface and underground infiltration techniques, resulting in clean water that can be re-used or allowed to re-enter the natural water system. Atlantis modular tank systems offer a highly efficient option for stormwater management in any kind of soil.

Water Quality

Atlantis modular tank systems excel when there is a requirement to achieve high water quality, particularly in the effective removal of nutrients and gross pollutants. In addition to the obvious environmental benefits, the sub -surface location of the tank system provides more useable ground area and enhanced aesthetic setting compared to above ground concrete or plastic tanks.

The Modular Advantage

Atlantis modular tank system performance supersedes outdated aggregate trenches. The Atlantis system provides a void space of over 90% compared to less than 20% in typical aggregate trenches. Consequently, with a smaller footprint the Atlantis system achieves the same storage capacity as an aggregate trench. This saves time and money in installation and civil works costs. The lightweight design of Atlantis® modular tank modules also make installation quicker, safer and cheaper. No sediment build up occurs in the Atlantis system, unlike the clogging that is characteristic of aggregate based approaches.

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Flo-Tank Gallery


  • Quick Installation
    Reduce site access delays.
  • Lightweight
    No cranes or lifting equipment required.
  • Strong Structural Design
    Designed for car loadings
  • Modular
    Easily create any shape and size to suit site requirements.
  • Maintenance Free Tank
    All debris and sediment is removed by pre-filtration.
  • Determinate Volume
    95% internal void area
  • Cost Effective
    Reduces excavation and disposal by two thirds compared with conventional soak wells. Cost effective compared to concrete and other systems
  • High Infiltration
    90% void surface area
  • Easily Transportable
    Can be supplied unassembled for delivery to remote areas.


Atlantis Flo-Tank® Applications


  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Infiltration Tanks
  • Detention Tanks ( Attenuation Tanks)
  • Absorption Pits
  • Trench Drainage
  • Channels
  • Leach Drains
  • Passive Irrigation
  • Structural Void Fill

Flo-Tank Specifications

   table mini matrix  table single matrix  table double matrix  table triple matrix  table quad matrix  table penta matrix
PART NUMBER 70010 70003 70004 70005 70006 70007
HEIGHT (in) 9.45" 17.72" 34.65" 51.57" 68.50" 85.43"
WIDTH (in) 16.06" 16.06" 16.06" 16.06" 16.06" 16.06"
LENGTH (in) 26.77" 26.77" 26.77" 26.77" 26.77" 26.77"
HEIGHT (mm) 240mm 450mm 880mm 1310mm 1740mm 2170mm
WIDTH (mm) 408mm 408mm 408mm 408mm 408mm 408mm
LENGTH (mm) 685mm 685mm 685mm 685mm 685mm 685mm
MODULE FOOTPRINT - METERS 0.2795 m2 0.2795 m2 0.2795 m2 0.2795 m2 0.2795 m2 0.2795 m2
MODULE FOOTPRINT - FEET 3 ft2 3 ft2 3 ft2 3 ft2 3 ft2 3 ft2
WATER STORAGE IN LITRES 64.58 119.47 233.64 347.80 461.93 576.10
WATER STORAGE IN GAL 17.06 31.56 61.72 91.88 122.03 152.19

Tel: +1 360 714 6553